Graffiti Removal Gold Coast

We remove graffiti from Residential, Retail, Industrial, Government and Private Business.

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Graffiti Removal Gold Coast

Has your property been tagged by graffiti? Do you need it removed quickly and professionally? We will clean unwanted graffiti from all kinds of surfaces.

We can remove graffiti from Brick, Concrete, Glass, Plastic, Colourbond, Timber and more. 

Depending on the type of paint used, in most cases we successfully remove 100% of the graffiti. Unfortunately there are some circumstances that some shadowing will remain, but this can be explained during a free site inspection.

For best results of graffiti removal, we recommend having it removed as quickly as possible. Graffiti that is left for a long time can be more difficult to remove completely. 

Graffiti removal gold coast concrete wall

Examples of our Graffiti Removal Gold Coast Projects

Our Approach To Graffiti Removal Gold Coast

At SHIELD Pressure Cleaning we sympathise with customers who have been impacted by graffiti – and we provide quick, effective solutions to restore your property to its original condition. Our graffiti removal process looks like this:

  • Give us a call at 0424 250 012 We’ll set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.
  • We will arrive at your property with the cleaning solutions, stripping agents, and graffiti removal equipment needed to address the area.
    We carefully work at the affected space, taking care to remove the graffiti without impacting the rest of your property.
  • We leave you with a clean, professional property… As it should be.

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