Sandstone Cleaning Gold Coast

Restore your sandstone with our affordable & professional sandstone cleaning Gold Coast services.

professional sandstone cleaning gold coast

Professional Sandstone Cleaning Gold Coast

Over time, your sandstone starts to collect mould, grime, dirt and becomes particularly unsightly.

Our sandstone cleaning Gold Coast services will restore your sandstone back to looking as good as it did the day you had them laid.

The benefits of having your mouldy sandstone cleaned is not only will it look beautiful again, but it also add value if you were thinking of selling your home.

As well as sandstone cleaning, we HIGHLY recommend to have your sandstone sealed immediately after cleaning. Yes it does cost more to have the sandstone sealed, but the benefits out way the cost. By sealing your sandstone, they will look beautiful for longer, it help protect the sandstone from the elements and slow down the growth of mould.

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Our Sandstone cleaning Process

  1. First off we will inspect the sandstone for any obvious damage. If we notice any damage this will be brought up with you to make you aware.
  2. After the inspection is completed we will pre treat the area with our specially formulated solution which helps to soften and kill the mould.
  3. After about 15 minutes of letting the solution work, we will apply the appropriate amount of pressure to completely clean the sandstone
  4. Rinse & repeat in necessary
  5. If you opted for sealing, this is step we will seal your sandstone immediately on the same day. No need to wait.
Depending on the size of the job, the entire process can take anywhere from 2 hours up to 6 hours to complete. Timeframes and pricing will be discussed during our free no obligation site inspection.
SHIELD Pressure Cleaning & Sandstone Cleaning Gold Coast uses eco friendly chemical treatments to help restore and protect your sandstone from mould and unsightly discolouration, give Johnny a call today on 0424 240 012

Sandstone Cleaning Gold Coast "Get it CLEANED by SHIELD"

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